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Chocolate is the core of what we do and everything we are known for at North East Chocolates. Are you surprised?

Our reputation lies heavily in favor of our sea salt caramels dipped in chocolate. They are kind of a big deal around here!

Any of our chocolate confections come in recyclable treat boxes or a premium gift box that can be repurposed. Gift bags & tissues available for in-store pickups.

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A main component of North East Chocolates' identity is the in-person experience. As to not dilute our charm, we have only selected a few treats to share online.

In addition to our online collection which include bulk Fisher's Popcorn and Jelly Belly, North East Chocolates features a variety of retro & vintage candies in-store such as PEZ, candy buttons, and a variety of candy bars like Zagnut and Charleston Chews.

If you're a candymaker yourself, also check out our bulk Merckens Chocolate Melts!

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As our brand continues to grow, we want it to be in a direction of refinement, exploration, and wholeness.

Referred to in its origins at 'theobromas' (food of the Gods), chocolate & cacao has potential beyond the awareness of most. Help us discover what the world never knew it was craving!

Check back for an expansion of our newly developed line of products & services.

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