Reiki (Balancing)

Chakra evaluation to restore energy flow

  • 1 hour
  • 70 US dollars

Service Description

Reiki is an ancient "healing hands" practice that focuses on the manipulation of energy along the spinal cord which is the body's electrical cord. Reiki does not involve physical contact, it centers around connection of energy between client & practitioner. Benefits of Reiki include relaxation, mental clarity, stress reduction, and can also help identify blockages within the body which interfere with optimal function. The seven major Chakra points along the spine are the energy hubs that help circulate to the major and vital organs. These seven hubs are identified as: -Crown (top of head/brain) -Third Eye (forehead/Pineal gland) -Throat -Heart -Solar Plexus -Sacral -Root (pelvis/groin) Balancing session includes full 45-minute Reiki session with 15 minute relaxation.

Contact Details

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