If you are unfamiliar with Reiki healing, it is essentially the manipulation of the electrical current running through your body. With everyday use of electronics, hit and miss eating habits, etc our bodies build up blockages. A Reiki Master practitioner will hover his or her hands above seven major points up and down the entire spine. There is no physical touching like a massage, but rather a transfer of energy to restore balance.


Cacao and chocolate are great for blood flow and circulation which is what makes this product & service combination a perfect pairing for ultimate relaxation!


Session is 90 minutes & includes:

45 minute Reiki session

20 minute review

up to 20 minutes relaxation

Chocolate treat & gift

Complimentary herbal tea or hot cacao


For questions or curiosities, you can email us directly at nechocolates@gmail.com

Cacao Reiki

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