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  • How does North East Chocolates contribute to the community?
    North East Chocolates gets involved in several aspects of the community: -North East Chamber of Commerce -Cecil County Tourism Committee -Cecil County Public Library Programs & Events -Community Event Coordination & Sponsorship -Small Business Consulting & Marketing Assistance -Downtown Marketing & Branding Strategies -Merchandising & Logo Design -Kids Fishing Tournaments -Cecil County Boys & Girls Club support -"Art of Chocolate" Cecil College Fine Arts Scholarship Fundraiser -Voices of Hope support (recovery initiative) Your purchase of chocolates and candy allows us to do more! "If we each take one step in the same direction, imagine the miles we can go together."
  • What are some examples of free community events?
    North East Chocolates has coordinated and facilitated a wide range of events. Some with collaboration of other merchants, groups, and organizations. A few examples include: Second Saturday Events: -Main St Unicorn Quest -Moms in Business Vendor Showcase -Main St Kids Party -Summer Outdoor Movie & Luau -Outdoor Halloween Movie -Annual Crab Crawl & Painted Crab Auction Chocolate Shop Events: -Hunt for the Golden Ticket -Chocolate Scavenger Hunt Holiday Events: -Chesapeake City St. Patrick's Day Parade & Pub Crawl -Main St Easter Bunny Scavenger Hunt -Salute to Cecil County Veterans Fireworks -Spooktacular Halloween -Annual Cecil County Christmas Parade Additional Events: -Charlestown Kids Fishing Tournament For more information on each event, and which organizations support/sponsor/coorindate, send an email to
  • How can I sign up to volunteer with community events?
    We would love your help! Send us an email to Have a specific community event that strikes your fancy? Let us know :-) (refer to FAQ "What are some examples of free community events?")
  • Do my chocolate purchases go toward the community?
    Every time you shop with North East Chocolates, you are directly supporting our efforts to promote a safe, kind and positive community. It takes a village, which is why we need your help.
  • Can I donate money directly to the community and/or a specific event?
    Absolutely, we would never turn that down! Event sponsorships and community donations can be made directly through 'Main St North East.' Send an email to and we will get you setup with payment arrangments and allocation of funds. Online donations coming soon!
  • Which community(ies) does North East Chocolates support?
    Primarily, we focus many of our efforts in the town of North East, Maryland where our flagship "Itsy Bitsy Candy Store" is located; however, we spread the love out to as many Cecil County towns as possible. You will find us in Chesapeake City, Elkton, and Charlestown.
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